Thursday, December 18, 2008

DPPRotation v0.1

by Hasan Karagülmez

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DPPRotation is a tool to help you work with Canon's Digital Photo Professional software (DPP), by providing arbitrary rotation functionality.

DPPRotation has been created to allow you to arbitrarily rotate your image, which is a function which is not available in DPP. DPPRotation registers the rotation in DPP and then when you drop the image onto the DPPRotation window, the registered rotation will be applied and saved as a new image.

DPPRotation is designed to be tiny (v0.1 is 18kB) and start up instantly.

Note that this is a very early version of the DPPRotation, and I'd really appreciate constructive criticism if you've encountered any problems or find that some functionality doesn't work as you would have liked.

Positive remarks are of course very welcome as well! :)

For e-mailing please use:

- Hasan Karagülmez

UPDATE: v0.1.1 fixes an issue whereby the checkboxes could not be correctly checked and unchecked

IMPORTANT: If you encounter a problem running the above version of DPPRotation, try running the v0.1s version:

Download DPPRotation v0.1.1s (68kB zip-file)

  • Image Rotation :)

  • AutoCrop
    AutoCrop automatically crops the image in the output to the maximum crop that is possible within the rotated image.

    Note that this uses the aspect ratio of the image, i.e. an image with an aspect ratio of 3:2 will result in a crop that has an aspect ratio of 3:2. The cropped result will have "_crop" appended to the filename.

    AutoCrop is the only option that is on by default in v0.1.

  • Full rotated image output available
    If you want to perform the crop in another program or just want to use the rotated output. No indicated crop is made. These files will have "_fullrotate" appended to the filename.

  • Proof-function availableThis let's you check whether or not the performed crop is correct. Another file is created with "_proof" appended to the filename. This file will have a thin white rectangle indicating where on the image the crop has been made.

    This is more handy if something goes wrong in the crop and can aid in testing.

  • Indicate that the performed rotation is the rotation of the current imageI find this one a bit hard to put into words, but I'll give it a try :)

    Normally when an image is rotated to the left, you'd have to correct it by rotating the right and make it level that way. This can be pretty hard in circumstances and it can be easier to just indicate what the current rotation is.

    You do this by outlining the rotation exactly like how the image is rotated. Check the checkbox "Corresponds Image Rotation" for this functionality.

You are free and are encouraged to create your own grid if you don't like the default grid.

If you do so, make sure you create a 16-bit image with transparency and save as a PNG file named "grid.png" in the same directory as DPPRotation.exe.
It will be loaded up during startup and used to indicate the rotation.

If you do create another grid and like to share it, post a comment or e-mail me, I'll add them in another blogpost :)

The zip file contains a readme.txt for further reading :)

After that text blurb I'd like to mention that DPPRotation has been tested on Windows Vista 64- and 32-bit editions. Vista 32-bit has been tested with DPP v3.4.1.1. and Vista 64-bit has been tested with DPP v3.5.1.0

If you've got another configuration running please let me know :) If you've encountered problems with a certain configuration, then also let me know - I can try and look into it.

After this first blog post of mine ever (!), all I can say is that I hope this tool proves to be useful to you :)

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